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You're definitely not going to find a real woman on this site, since there's not a real profile to be found. It's just wall-to-wall cam girls and escorts, who aren't interested in affairs with you.

Here’s another site that just makes us end up rolling our eyes to the sky. is enough to make us want a stiff drink, and that’s saying something, considering our normal tolerance for most sites. DatingAffair married dating, however, is a step below awful.

It’s just trash.

This site is obviously run by people that don’t care about you at all. is more or less full of idiots that just want your money, and that’s obvious.

Married Dating Scam Img

During our DatingAffair review, we mostly found ourselves dealing with a ton of scammers. The scammers on this site in particular, however, are mostly cam girls and escorts.

While it could be worse, our DatingAffair review was constantly impeded by them. It really made us irritated, and made is never want to use DatingAffair married dating ever again.

Our Results Using For Married Dating

We ended up spending a total of three months on our DatingAffair review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 90 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

overlay DatingAffair image

It was worthless.

From those 90 e-mails, we only ended up with a total of 33 responses. This was well below our expectation of a 50% return, and it made us want to pull our hair out.

Not a single woman on this site actually wanted to meet up with us, which really aggravated us. That means that this site was as empty as we thought, and only full of scams.

When you have a site that is as honestly worthless as this one, you have to wonder what the point is. We’re not really sure about that here, but we hope it gets taken down soon.

Why Is Not Worth It: Is a Scam?

There’s hardly a profile on this site that isn’t just another scammer, and we figured that out pretty quickly during this review. It’s frustrating, and terribly annoying.

It’s also unsafe.

In an environment where you can’t safely meet women, you’re not going to be able to maintain a discreet affair. That’s ultimately why we really, really hated this site.

We want our affairs to be discreet. That isn’t going to happen on this site, because most of the scammers are escorts that don’t care about your affair fantasies in the first place.

With that in mind, you’re screwed. You aren’t going to be able to have a good time on here, because it’s just never going to happen. We figured this out very quickly, thankfully. in the News

Hot wax play can really add another level to your married dating experience, though it won’t make a difference on horrible sites like

Satin underwear and lingerie can be an incredible gift for your woman, so keep this article in mind even though it won’t make a difference on Review: Should You Use For Married Dating?

We couldn’t stand, and that’s why we were ready to be done with this site sooner rather than later. We will certainly never be recommending this one to anyone.
It’s no good.
Instead, you should really take the time to check out our number one site, It really does work, and helps you meet the kinds of ladies that are worth meeting.
With a site like AffairsClub, you aren’t going to have to struggle. You’ll be able to have fun without the stress of a site that’s just going to scam you, which is what we all want.

20 Responses to “ Review: Why Did Not Make Our “Top Married Dating” List”

  1. Moose Rainbow

    My review of is really negative, mostly because the site isn’t even legit at all in the first place.

  2. In comparison to big sites like and others, this one is really bad. It’s not even funny how bad it is.

  3. Captain Misha Moonship

    Scam sites like these are easy to pick out if you know what you’re looking for. Be careful and watch closely!

  4. Can anyone help me out here? I want to know if is legit before I commit to joining the site!

  5. Eric Woolery

    Good god, this site doesn’t even try at all. I don’t know whether to laugh or be disgusted at it.

  6. The Stallion

    I was going to test out, but then I heard that it was just a scam, so why bother?

  7. If I could give this site the rating that it deserved, I would give it a negative two. I wish I could.

  8. Don’t trust any review that you read from 2014! The reviews are all really biased and probably all fake, too.

  9. Online dating is so weird to me, but I hope helps me find a woman my wife never knows about.

  10. Claudio Bellinger

    For some reason I always fall for sites like this, and I don’t know why. You’d think I’d know better.

  11. I’m going to review as a joke for my blog, that’s how bad it is. I just hope nobody joins!

  12. I can’t believe someone told me that this site was really great in comparison to the others. What the hell?

  13. God, I always join these scam sites on accident. I’m going to delete my account right now. Ugh, why me?

  14. I’ve heard that is legit, but I need to look up reviews first. You can never be too careful!

  15. Colin Wilkerson

    I’m good at meeting women, but I can’t meet any women if all the members on here are just fake.

  16. Test out at your own risk! The site WILL give you a virus! I know because it happened to me!

  17. Rating this site is hard because every review site that I’ve seen won’t let you give it anything in the negative.

  18. William Corsair Coldbane

    My favorite review site shut down at the beginning of 2014, so I don’t know if I can trust this site.

  19. My friend says that he’s used to hook up with someone he was dating, but it looks fake to me.

  20. Royal Ramsey

    I’m fed up with sites like this, and I’m stopping all my memberships. This is just ridiculous, I’m so done.


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