C-Date.com Review: Why C-Date.com Did Not Make Our “Top Married Dating” List



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This site's horrible layout and incompetent administration pretty much guarantees any profiles you might see here are fakes, created directly by those admins to pad their numbers.

C-Date.com looks like it was put together by a toddler, and we’re pretty sure that it’s run by one with the common sense of one. During our C-Date review, we were constantly baffled by how poorly this site was run overall, and it made C-Date.com really not fun to use.

It was a wasteland.

Sites like this are just headache inducing. We figured that out pretty quickly during our C-Date review, but it didn’t stop us from suffering through this hellhole in general.

Married Dating Scam Img

C-Date married dating is basically a barrage of scammers and fake profiles. The moment that you access this site is the moment that you’ll start seeing scams, and that’s no fun at all.

Trying to get past the scammers is impossible. That’s something we figured out very quickly, and not something that we wanted to keep dealing with. C-Date married dating is nerve wracking.

Our Results Using C-Date.com For Married Dating

We ended up spending a total of three months on our C-Date review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 90 e-mails to women that we somehow found on this site.

img C-Date overlay

It wasn’t worth it.

From those 90 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 18 responses. It was really shocking to see such a low number, but this site continued to disappoint.

Obviously, not a single woman wanted to meet up with us. This means that we didn’t get a single date off of here, and no affairs happened courtesy of this site, either.

It was a total waste of time, and while we were expecting that, it didn’t make it any easier. How anyone could use a site like this and try to make it work is really beyond us.

Why C-Date.com Is Not Worth It: Is C-Date.com a Scam?

If you like a site that is literally crawling with fake profiles, this is the one for you. We’re actually sure that most of them were put their by the owners of the site, how lovely.

It’s all a ruse.

The reason they put up those kinds of fakes is to make their numbers look better. They want it to look like there are more people joining, and that there are more ladies.

Obviously, that just kills the site. It’s very inactive, and no one wants to join because no one wants to spend their time avoiding a bunch of fake profiles that will get them nowhere.

This also brings about a lot of other scammers, and we ended up with a lot of spam mail on this site. That’s just annoying and obnoxious, and we really weren’t happy about it.

C-Date.com in the News

Having a healthy relationship is important even in an affair, though sites like C-Date.com won’t help you find anything close to that: http://voices.yahoo.com/healthy-relationships-2205522.html?cat=7

If you want to help your own sex drive go back into overdrive, this article can help in ways that C-Date.com absolutely never could: http://voices.yahoo.com/men-sex-drive-back-into-overdrive-706861.html?cat=70

C-Date.com Review: Should You Use C-Date.com For Married Dating?

We really didn’t like C-Date.com at all, and we were glad to be done with it. It’s one of those sites that is better left in the dust, and that’s where we hope it stays for us.

It’s just a piece of trash.

Instead, you should really check out our number one site for online married dating, AffairsClub.com. Our reviews have proven that it’s the best of the best, and the numbers just don’t lie.

A site like that is going to get you the ladies you want, and that’s why you shouldn’t waste your time elsewhere. You’ll definitely end up seeing a difference in the results.

20 Responses to “C-Date.com Review: Why C-Date.com Did Not Make Our “Top Married Dating” List”

  1. Review C-Date.com if you feel like it, but it’s not a real site. You’d be wasting your time on it.

  2. My experience with the shitty comparison sites has been better than with this one. That’s just sad if you ask me.

  3. The Digital Moving Lieutenant

    My friends warned me that this site was a scam before I joined. I just wish that I’d listened to them.

  4. There are hardly any legit hookup sites out there these days, so I’m doing my research about C-Date.com before I join.

  5. Joan Armstrong

    I wanted this site to be good, but I’m going to have to man up and admit that it’s just crap.

  6. Surreal Trombone

    I refuse to test out C-Date.com because I’ve heard way too many horror stories about this site giving people viruses.

  7. I want to give this site the worst rating possible, in the hopes that it gets shut down very soon.

  8. I read a review from 2014 saying that this site was awesome. They must have been lying or something like that.

  9. Since I’ve never tried dating online, I’m going to start out with a small site like C-Date.com to get my bearings.

  10. Tyron Bould

    Sites like this are why I’m giving up on online hookups. I don’t want to waste my time with that crap.

  11. My review for C-Date.com is pretty damn negative, mostly because I don’t think that the site even works at all.

  12. In comparison to the big sites, this one blows. It’s too expensive for a shit site that doesn’t even work.

  13. Ron Qvophase

    I’m not going to fall for another scam site. This was the last one! I hope I get wiser about it.

  14. Does anyone know if C-Date.com is legit? It doesn’t look very good to me, but maybe I’m just too picky.

  15. Ethan Simmons

    It’s hard to find a good hookup site, and now with the crappy sites like this cropping up it’s impossible.

  16. Next Scorpion

    All C-Date.com has done for me is test my patience. I’ve been on here for a year and I’ve had enough.

  17. I won’t give this site a good rating until it does a complete rehaul and stops sucking so damnmuch.

  18. Richy Harmony

    Review sites from 2014 all seem fake to me, because there’s no way anyone would like this site, not ever.

  19. My wife doesn’t know that I’m dating online, so I’m joining C-Date.com because I had heard that it’s very discreet.

  20. Stanford Murray

    I’m warning all my friends no to trust sites like this if they can help it. They’re almost always fake.


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