Why You Should Avoid Dating Beautiful Women When You Cheat

Most men love the idea of dating an attractive woman, especially if our own women aren’t that much to look at these days. Being with an attractive woman has a way of making you feel more powerful. It increases your self-esteem, but there are some definite drawbacks of dating gorgeous women as well.

It Makes Things Even More Difficult If Your Wife Finds Out

“Your wife will feel bad for not being as beautiful as her”

While it may be exciting knowing that you have the potential to hook up with gorgeous women when you begin doing a bit of married dating, you should probably resist the urge to date an extremely attractive woman. Though we like to think that our wives will never find out about us fooling around on them, sometimes fortune isn’t on our side. If this happens, it will already be stressful enough for you, but it will be even worse if the woman you cheated on your wife with is better looking than her.

Most women are naturally insecure about their looks, which means if your wife finds out that you’ve been cheating on her with a woman who is more attractive than she is, the chances of the two of you smoothing things over are slim to none. Even if she forgives you, she will always think you’re going to cheat on her again. It doesn’t matter if you decide to never cheat again, whenever you leave the house without her, or if you so much as hold the door open for another woman, she is going to assume that you want to have sex with her. Dealing with that type of insecurity can and will get exhausting after awhile and you’ll be on your way to a divorce.

You’ll Start Trying to Convince Your Wife to Look Like Your Other Woman

“You’ll want your wife to look like your mistress”

When you go from an average looking woman to someone who is beautiful, you will quickly start finding yourself preferring the beautiful woman. Of course, this is pretty obvious and understandable. However, the problem is that when you are with your average looking wife, you’ll be thinking about your gorgeous other woman. You will start to wonder if it is possible to make your wife look as beautiful as the other woman you are seeing. Before you know it, you will start suggesting new hairstyles for her to try and different makeup or clothes for her to wear. If you’ve never done this before, she will automatically know you are up to something, and she will start playing closer attention to where you’re going and whom you’re with.

If you want to cheat on your wife, skip the gorgeous women and opt for simply cute or average looking ones. It’s fine to date a woman with great legs, or perfect breasts, or a great ass, but don’t go looking for the whole package. If you wife ever finds out, you want her to think that she has to step her game up to keep your attention, not that it’s hopeless and time to call it quits.


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