Why It’s so Easy to Hook up at the Office

"That's the right way to flirt"

“That’s the right way to flirt”

There’s a reason that the classic cheating scenario is a man with his secretary. It’s not that the typing pool is stocked with the sexiest ladies around, or that a middle management type man over 35 is the sexiest demographic. There’s a reason why office romances bloom even and perhaps especially when they’re forbidden. If you want to cash in around the office then you need to know how to make this work for you.

Close Quarters Bring People Together

There are two types of dating environments: open environments and closed environments. Open environments are places like bars, parks, and the Internet. Anyone can come and go and there’s nothing to stop someone from just leaving a situation that bores them. Closed environments are places like work or school (whether you’re a student or a teacher.) You don’t control when you’re there, and you’re more or less stuck with the people around you. The close quarters mean that you’re going to be seeing the same people over and over again. If you want to hook up at the office, use this to your advantage. Don’t press the issue. You’re going to be seeing your coworker again regularly, probably as soon as possible. You can afford to take your time and not ruin it.

Work Is Boring

"Find out ways to talk to her for some reason or other"

“Find out ways to talk to her for some reason or other”

When you’re trying to pick up a woman online or at the bar you’ve got a lot to compete against. There aren’t only a lot more men out there, but there are a lot of other distractions. You have to make talking to you a better idea than going home, getting out of her uncomfortable heels, and watching TV all night. When you’re hitting on a woman at the office, you only have to be more interesting than the paperwork she has all day to file. Work is boring. If you’re more interesting than work, then you’ve just about got it made. Even a woman who loves her job and has an interesting one will like a little variety. If you can break the monotony in any kind of interesting way then you’re sure to be on her radar.

Forbidden Is Better

It’s a pretty basic fact of human nature that we want the things that are forbidden to us the most. Everyone knows not to hook up at the office. Everyone knows it’s a bad idea. That’s what makes it so amazingly satisfying. Breaking the rules gives a thrill that even a regular affair can’t match. The more forbidden you are, the more she’s going to enjoy finally giving in with you. If you’re taken and a coworker, that’s the kind of thrill you just can’t beat. When you want to spin this in your favor all you have to do is remind her that you’re breaking the rules. That elevates your flirtation from some run of the mill encounter to something really sexy.

The office is the easiest place to hook up for all the reasons listed above. If you’ve finally decided to take the plunge into infidelity then start here.


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