Why Being Married Can Score You Points with Single Ladies

“Young women like to have sex with married men”

When you hit the dating scene once again in the hopes of having an affair, you’re probably used to needing to take off your wedding ring in order to have a fair chance at hooking up. It might surprise you that you may actually be able to score women on the sole basis that you’re married. Your marital status doesn’t have to hurt your ability to hook up with women, at least if you know how to play your cards right. You may still run into the occasional woman who will judge you based on your marital status, but it shouldn’t dissuade you from using your marriage to your advantage.

You Have More Experience with Women

The fact that you’re married will tip things in your favor because it speaks to a level of experience with women that other guys in the bar or club can boast. Obviously you had to be good enough to get a woman to marry you, so your marital status can act as a sort of endorsement for your ability – romantically and in bed, of course. Women in bars and clubs are likely used to being approached by guys who don’t really know their way around women, and if you are in a relationship where you were committed enough to get married, it speaks volumes for your ease with women. While you may still be nervous about approaching women, just the fact that you’re married can tell them otherwise.

Some Women Have an Affair Kink

“Some married women have an affair to fulfill their fantasies”

There are some women you might run into that actually have a kink for married men, and if you find them, you’re definitely in luck. It might seem odd that a woman would have a preference for dating or hooking up with married men, but there are plenty of reasons for it. A woman might really enjoy the idea of being a mistress because it’s so taboo, or she might really want to show you a good time and prove that there are women better than your wife. This kind of indirect competitive spirit can lead to mind blowing sex, so if you ever stumble across a woman who seems to have a thing for dating or hooking up with married women you should definitely try to take advantage of it.

They Might Not Want Commitment

If you’ve ever hooked up with a woman only to find out she was super clingy afterwards, you’ve experience something that happens to both men and women. Some women go out to hook up only to wind up with a guy who becomes extremely dependent and clingy. If a woman really just wants to hook up, she’s more likely to go after a married man since you’re much less likely to want to keep in contact after your affair is over. She knows you will keep things casual, whether it’s for a one-night stand or a short affair, and she’ll be much more open with you just because she knows you’re not likely to want to get too serious.


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