Where to Hook up with Your Affair

When you start dating as a married man and you get close enough to your woman on the side that you get to hook up with her, you might not know where you should go. After all, it’s probably been a while since you’ve had a woman to hook up with so it can be difficult to know what you should do. You want to hook up somewhere clean and comfortable but also discreet. You probably don’t have the means or the nerve to get away with hooking up in your own house, which is always risky. Knowing ahead of time where you should hook up with a girl on the side will help make the process go much more smoothly.

Convince Her to Go to Her Place

“You’ll be completely stress free if you choose to go to her place for sex”

The best place to hook up with your affair is somewhere that your wife has no way of knowing the location. If the woman you are having an affair with is someone your wife does not know personally, then even if she’s suspicious of you cheating she will have no real way of finding where you went. This makes meeting up at your mistress’ home one of the most discreet options you can choose, which will always be beneficial. While it may be difficult to convince your girlfriend to go to her place, it will ultimately wind up being worth it. Your mistress will be more comfortable in her own space, which means she should be more at ease with the hookup in general. While it may be difficult to find the time to go out to meet her at her place, it’s still worth giving it a shot for the discretion factor alone.

Find a Nice Motel or Hotel

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“Book a nice hotel room for your hook-up”

If your mistress isn’t willing to meet up at her place, you might want to resort to renting a hotel room. While this isn’t the most romantic option, it is quite common for hookups. Your mistress might dislike this option because it can sometimes be a bit sleazy, so try to find a nicer motel or hotel if you can. This option can be difficult on your wallet and it can bring up issues with discretion if you’re the one that foots the bill and your wife finds evidence of it.

Have a Secret Apartment

This is the most expensive option and it might not be practical for many guys, if you can afford it, you can really benefit. Having an extra place, even if it’s just a small apartment, can be the perfect place to conduct all of your hookup business. Obviously this is very pricy and can be nearly impossible if your wife is on your bank accounts, but even if you just wind up house sitting for a friend it can have the same benefits. Having a separate apartment can be beneficial even if you just need to get away from your wife for a while, but it can also be the ultimate choice in secrecy if you want to have an affair.


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