What to Expect From Sex That’s Not With Your Wife

"Talk to her and ask her what she likes in bed"

“Talk to her and ask her what she likes in bed”

You’re not the first guy to cheat. You certainly won’t be the last. Maybe you’re not getting sex at home. Maybe the sex you aren’t getting isn’t what you need. Whatever the reason you’re looking to have an affair, remember that you’re not the only guy doing it. If it’s your first time cheating on your spouse you might feel guilty and nervous (and then again, you might not). If you are experiencing anxiety, know that it’s normal. You should also know that having sex with a woman that’s not your wife might affect you in some different ways.


Unless you’re 100 percent at peace with your decision to cheat on your wife, you’re going to feel some degree of apprehension. This is entirely normal. You’ve been sleeping with the same woman for a long time. Now you’re about to switch it up with another woman that you likely don’t know that well. Nervousness is to be expected. It’ll pass. If it doesn’t, you should probably go back to your wife.


"You might feel a little awkward during sex with a different woman"

“You might feel a little awkward during sex with a different woman”

Unless you’re completely wasted out of your mind, first time sex between two people is usually awkward in some way. This is also normal. Expect some fumbling, some giggles, and some laughing until you get it right. If there’s no awkwardness and everything feels just right, good job.


Maybe your wife hated riding you. Maybe your cheating partner loves to be on top. Remember that this isn’t your wife. It’s someone new that you’ve turned to in order to sate sexual needs that aren’t being satisfied in your marriage. The best thing you can do is not compare your spouse to your cheating partner. Keep an open mind. We guarantee that sex with a new partner is going to surprise you in a bunch of different ways. She might like anal. She might like pegging. She might hate giving blowjobs. It’s a new partner and a new sex life, so keep that in mind.

Her Needs

If you weren’t getting any sex at home or the sex you were getting was subpar and barely held your attention, you might have drifted away from paying attention to her needs. With a new partner, you need to start paying attention again. You’re having an affair because of what you need. She’s having an affair with you because she needs something too. So don’t be a douche. Pay attention to what she wants from you in bed. If you make her happy she’ll be more willing to do what you want her to do.

Pillow Talk

Or maybe she won’t want pillow talk. Remember, this isn’t your spouse. It’s a woman you’re cheating with. Her post-coital requirements are going to be different from what you’re used to. So if she rolls off you and immediately goes to sleep, don’t be alarmed. The same goes if she cuddles up to you, clings to you, and wants to talk about feelings. Every woman has different habits. You just need to adjust to them.


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