Working Up the Nerve to Cheat

“Get some confidence by browsing online sites” Many men like to think about how exciting it would be if they were to actually go through with cheating on their wives, but some of them are reluctantly to do so. We understand that you may be worried about your wife finding out and putting an end to your marriage, but cheating while married doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. In fact, cheating can be downright easy as long as you take some time to get things planned out before you start. Think Positive Sometimes a man’s biggest downfall when it comes to wanting to cheat is a lack of positive thinking. Men who think negatively make cheating almost impossible. They assume that they’ll be too careless and that their wives will find out, or they assume that their wives are capable of reading minds and know exactly what they are up to. The truth is, these men are suffering from a lack of confidence and positivity. While being confident in your ability to cheat and not get caught, can be a downfall for some men, most men can truly benefit from it. The first thing you have to do to get yourself thinking positive is to carefully plan…

Why You Shouldn’t Tell Your Married Friends About Your Other Woman

“Learn to keep secrets to avoid such situations” We’re pretty sure that there isn’t a single man that exists who doesn’t like to brag every now and then. Men brag. That’s what we do, so when we end up meeting a beautiful woman that we’re seeing in addition to seeing our wives, we want to let our buddies know about her. It’s hard to describe the feeling that you get when you’re able to not only have one woman, but two, sometimes even more than two. The problem is, where bragging comes in, jealously is usually right behind it. They’re Married, But Faithful “Your friend told me everything” When a married man finds out that his married friend is cheating, it will go one of three different ways, more likely than not. The first way is that he will be envious, but happy for you, and in the end he doesn’t really care. The second way is that he’ll want to know how you managed it, and will wonder if he should try cheating, too. He’ll probably still be a little jealous. The third way is that he will be jealous and pissed because you’re happy and he wants you to be as miserable as he is. This type of”friend”…

Why You Should Avoid Dating Beautiful Women When You Cheat

Most men love the idea of dating an attractive woman, especially if our own women aren’t that much to look at these days. Being with an attractive woman has a way of making you feel more powerful. It increases your self-esteem, but there are some definite drawbacks of dating gorgeous women as well. It Makes Things Even More Difficult If Your Wife Finds Out “Your wife will feel bad for not being as beautiful as her” While it may be exciting knowing that you have the potential to hook up with gorgeous women when you begin doing a bit of married dating, you should probably resist the urge to date an extremely attractive woman. Though we like to think that our wives will never find out about us fooling around on them, sometimes fortune isn’t on our side. If this happens, it will already be stressful enough for you, but it will be even worse if the woman you cheated on your wife with is better looking than her. Most women are naturally insecure about their looks, which means if your wife finds out that you’ve been cheating on her with a woman who is more attractive than she is, the chances of the two of you smoothing things over…

Why Orgies and Gangbangs Could Be Just What You’re Looking For

Orgies and gangbangs are a perfect way to cheat without the stress of dealing with one person over multiple weeks, months, or even years. If you’ve been looking to cheat, but don’t want to go at it the typical way, an orgy or gangbang could be perfect for you. Taking Cheating to a New Level “Gangbang will not make you feel guilty of cheating” When you’ve decided to cheat on your wife, you’ve probably had fairly typically thoughts on how to go about it. Most men try to meet woman, either online or at a club or bar, to make the moves on. However, a lot of other men will tell you that sometimes it’s best to skip the formalities of dating (especially if the other woman is slow to warm up) and go straight for the fun and excitement that only orgies and gangbangs can offer. Depending on whether or not you’re participating in an orgy or a gangbang, you may end up sleeping with one or more women. If you’re going to cheat, why not do it with multiple women at one time rather than one woman. Orgies and gangbangs can offer you some of the hottest sex you will ever have in your entire life. If they…

Why It’s so Easy to Hook up at the Office

There’s a reason that the classic cheating scenario is a man with his secretary. It’s not that the typing pool is stocked with the sexiest ladies around, or that a middle management type man over 35 is the sexiest demographic. There’s a reason why office romances bloom even and perhaps especially when they’re forbidden. If you want to cash in around the office then you need to know how to make this work for you. Close Quarters Bring People Together There are two types of dating environments: open environments and closed environments. Open environments are places like bars, parks, and the Internet. Anyone can come and go and there’s nothing to stop someone from just leaving a situation that bores them. Closed environments are places like work or school (whether you’re a student or a teacher.) You don’t control when you’re there, and you’re more or less stuck with the people around you. The close quarters mean that you’re going to be seeing the same people over and over again. If you want to hook up at the office, use this to your advantage. Don’t press the issue. You’re going to be seeing your coworker again regularly, probably as soon as possible. You can afford to take your time and…

Why Dating a Married Woman with Children is Perfect

“She wants to get out of her daily schedule” The best thing about dating a married woman with children is that in most cases, she realizes that she has something to lose. Married women who are also mothers do not want to end up ruining the structure of their family, especially if their children are young. This means that you don’t have to worry about her wanting to spend all day long with you or calling you all hours of the day. Chances are, she will have numerous responsibilities at home, which means that when the two of you are able to hook up, it’s almost always enjoyable. She Won’t Try to Ruin Your Marriage Because she is married, she knows exactly how it would feel if someone tried to ruin her marriage, so you wouldn’t have to worry about her trying to ruin yours. She will respect it when you don’t have time to see her, and she will expect you to do the same. In fact, we’ve found people who are both married and dating have either the shortest or the longest running side relationships. It is easy to stay with the other woman when you don’t have to see her every day. You also don’t have to…

Why Being Married Can Score You Points with Single Ladies

“Young women like to have sex with married men” When you hit the dating scene once again in the hopes of having an affair, you’re probably used to needing to take off your wedding ring in order to have a fair chance at hooking up. It might surprise you that you may actually be able to score women on the sole basis that you’re married. Your marital status doesn’t have to hurt your ability to hook up with women, at least if you know how to play your cards right. You may still run into the occasional woman who will judge you based on your marital status, but it shouldn’t dissuade you from using your marriage to your advantage. You Have More Experience with Women The fact that you’re married will tip things in your favor because it speaks to a level of experience with women that other guys in the bar or club can boast. Obviously you had to be good enough to get a woman to marry you, so your marital status can act as a sort of endorsement for your ability – romantically and in bed, of course. Women in bars and clubs are likely used to being approached by guys who don’t really know their way…

Where to Hook up with Your Affair

When you start dating as a married man and you get close enough to your woman on the side that you get to hook up with her, you might not know where you should go. After all, it’s probably been a while since you’ve had a woman to hook up with so it can be difficult to know what you should do. You want to hook up somewhere clean and comfortable but also discreet. You probably don’t have the means or the nerve to get away with hooking up in your own house, which is always risky. Knowing ahead of time where you should hook up with a girl on the side will help make the process go much more smoothly. Convince Her to Go to Her Place “You’ll be completely stress free if you choose to go to her place for sex” The best place to hook up with your affair is somewhere that your wife has no way of knowing the location. If the woman you are having an affair with is someone your wife does not know personally, then even if she’s suspicious of you cheating she will have no real way of finding where you went. This makes meeting up at your mistress’ home one of…

What to Expect From Sex That’s Not With Your Wife

You’re not the first guy to cheat. You certainly won’t be the last. Maybe you’re not getting sex at home. Maybe the sex you aren’t getting isn’t what you need. Whatever the reason you’re looking to have an affair, remember that you’re not the only guy doing it. If it’s your first time cheating on your spouse you might feel guilty and nervous (and then again, you might not). If you are experiencing anxiety, know that it’s normal. You should also know that having sex with a woman that’s not your wife might affect you in some different ways. Apprehension Unless you’re 100 percent at peace with your decision to cheat on your wife, you’re going to feel some degree of apprehension. This is entirely normal. You’ve been sleeping with the same woman for a long time. Now you’re about to switch it up with another woman that you likely don’t know that well. Nervousness is to be expected. It’ll pass. If it doesn’t, you should probably go back to your wife. Awkwardness Unless you’re completely wasted out of your mind, first time sex between two people is usually awkward in some way. This is also normal. Expect some fumbling, some giggles, and some laughing until you get it right.…

Ways to Stand out from the Crowd and Attract More Women

Hitting the dating scene as a married man can be tough, especially if it’s been more than a few years since you were taken off the scene. Knowing how to make yourself stand out from all the other guys was probably difficult enough before you were married, but now you may feel like it’ll be even more difficult. However, worrying too much will only make things harder than they actually are. If you keep a few things in mind and know how to approach women correctly, you can stand out from all the other guys in the bar or club and find your perfect mistress in no time at all. Act Your Age One of the biggest ways you can use your marriage to your advantage when hooking up, even if you don’t advertise your marital status, is by acting mature. If you’re married and looking to have an affair, chances are that you’ve worked your way past the wild and crazy teenage years. This can be a serious benefit to you when you hit the dating scene, because if you’re going after women your age or younger women, all of them are used to being hit on by immature guys. All you have to do is act more mature…


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