Look Better for Her with These Tips You Haven’t Heard Of

Pick up just about any magazine for men and there will be some sort of article about looking better to women. When you’re perusing the aisle in hopes for some guidance you’ll be bombarded with generic ideas. Bathe more often, wear clean clothes, and brush your teeth are all fairly obvious things. If you’re looking to cheat on your lady and need to up your ante you’re going to have to go way above that. Luckily for you there are some hidden pointers for how to look more attractive. Workout Before You See Her “Do a basic workout before going for a date” When you’re getting ready to go out on a date or just in general, do a quick workout. This isn’t to get you toned and fit in the long run but it is to get you looking buff now. Exercising makes the blood in your body pump faster. That fills up your muscles and you end up looking bigger than normal but not so much that you look different. She would look at you and think, “He looks really fit” but if she also happened to see you an hour or so later she wouldn’t notice that now you’re less manly looking. It’s basically a good way…

Getting Her to Look Past Your Marital Status

“Don’t tell her about your marriage at the beginning of your relationship” Choosing to tell a woman that you’re married can be difficult no matter when you decide to do it. If you tell a woman upfront, she may not even agree to go out with you. If you wait longer, you run the risk of making things blow up in your face. It’s uncomfortable and nerve wracking, especially if you really want to have an affair with the woman in question. Once you’ve decided to tell her, you need to know how to explain yourself. Knowing how to spin a good story will help you be able to keep a mistress even after she learns that she’s the other woman. It’s a delicate situation, so it needs to be handled carefully. How and When to Let Her Know Deciding when to let your mistress know that you’re married is a challenging decision, but there are factors that should influence your choice. First of all, if you plan to keep things relatively short-term, you shouldn’t bother making it uncomfortable by letting her know. If you have any plans of making it a longer relationship, then you need to tell her as soon as possible. Make sure to come up with…

Dates You Can Explain the Charges For

One of the biggest problems with having an affair is explaining the expense to your wife or girlfriend. She’s going to want to know where all that money’s going. If you’re looking for easy date ideas that won’t raise your wife’s brow if you ever have to explain them, look no further than this list. Working Lunches Whether you have a job that demands schmoozing over lunch in a good restaurant or you have to pass it off as “networking”, working lunches are a great way to justify expenses to your wife. After all, it makes you look like you’re an excited go getter who’s working hard to build the kind of community connections that make people rich. You’re just trying to help yourself out. If your girlfriend objects to that then she’s the one who has a problem. Beer Tab with the Guys If you’re going to the bar with a lady, then tell your girlfriend about it. Just change the lady’s name to “Randy”. If there’s one sacred right that all men have, it’s to hit the bar with their buddies every now and then no questions asked. If you have a friend who’s going through a hard time right now you have the perfect excuse to buy…

Could an Online Affair Be Enough for You?

Having an affair can be a really exciting thing for most guys. In the movies they make it look so daring and exciting that cheating almost seems fun. But the movies don’t always show the after math of cheating gone wrong. Yeah, the ex-mistress might turn into a crazed killing machine in the movies, but in real life it’s much different. When you get caught one or both of the women will absolutely leave you. Even if you get to stay with one she will have such a hard time trusting you that it’s more work than pleasure in your relationship anymore. Further down the road you’re going to be just as bored with your used-to-be mistress that you’ll want to go out and cheat again. With all of those terrors why bother? But you can still have some sort of affair, just do it online. It’s Easier to Hide “Online affairs are easy to manage” When you have an affair online it’s not quite the same as putting your man parts into a lady for pleasure, but the cyber sex is still pretty awesome. You get more pictures and videos for the spank bank, you can act out any crazy fantasy that you’ve had, and you can pretend to…


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