Three Suspicious Mistakes Your Wife Will Definitely Notice

When you’re trying to cheat on your wife you want to look like you have nothing to hide even when you’re hiding everything. This means that you have to be sure that you’re above reproach in every aspect of your life. If you keep making these mistakes even for reasons unrelated to your cheater dating experiences you’re going to find yourself caught faster than you can prepare for it. Logging All the Way out of Your Email Obviously, you don’t want your wife to find the emails you send your mistress. A lot of guys avoid this by just logging out of their email every single time. If you do that, she’s going to wonder what you’re hiding. This is especially true if you even log out of your email on your smart phone. That’s just not a thing that normal people do. If you never used to log out of your email and you pick up the habit now your wife is going to know that something’s up. You have to get an entirely separate email address for your affair. You should never sign up for a cheater dating site with your usual email address either. You’ll have to completely log out of your email, log into your secondary…

The Perks of a Digital Mistress

“Online affairs are easy to manage” So you’re at the point where you’re bored with your relationship. It happens to the best of us. You’re stuck with this perfectly good woman who you once wanted to bone all over the country but now you’ve had her every which way. Saying you aren’t bored with what you’ve got would be a total lie. That’s why you’ve started thinking about getting yourself a mistress. Having an extra marital affair, whether you’re married or actually just dating can be really exciting. You end up feeling young and lusty again, plus there’s a whole new woman to get at. But having cheating in real life is a lot scarier than they make it in the movies. What you need to do is head to the Internet. That’s right; the perks that come with a digital mistress are awesome. Smaller Risk, But Still a Great Reward Alright, so you might be a little hesitant because you can’t actually have sex with someone through a computer (yet, give it time). But you can still cyber sex with her. It’s not as physically rewarding but you end up using your imagination a lot more and have better images for the spank bank later on. If that’s not…

Spinning the Facts for a Reluctant Mistress

If you know a woman who’s really into you but is very reluctant to become the “other woman” you have your job cut out for you. There’s so much in society telling a woman not to get mixed up with a married man that it can be hard to get her to even seriously think about it. Once you know that you want her, though, you have to find a way to get through to her. These are some approaches that actually work when it comes to convincing a woman to do what she really wants and have an affair with you. She’s Your Special Secret Women like to feel like they’re the most unique people in the world. If you appeal to that part of her ego you have a much better shot at getting her to accept the fact that she can only be your mistress. Instead of painting the portrait of how it’s going to be, tell her that you’re her truest admirer. You like her so much that you’re willing to risk all sorts of things just to be with her. Whether you’re looking for an emotional connection with this woman or not, you can be assured that feeling like the true center of your universe…


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