Why You Shouldn’t Tell Your Married Friends About Your Other Woman

“Learn to keep secrets to avoid such situations” We’re pretty sure that there isn’t a single man that exists who doesn’t like to brag every now and then. Men brag. That’s what we do, so when we end up meeting a beautiful woman that we’re seeing in addition to seeing our wives, we want to let our buddies know about her. It’s hard to describe the feeling that you get when you’re able to not only have one woman, but two, sometimes even more than two. The problem is, where bragging comes in, jealously is usually right behind it. They’re Married, But Faithful “Your friend told me everything” When a married man finds out that his married friend is cheating, it will go one of three different ways, more likely than not. The first way is that he will be envious, but happy for you, and in the end he doesn’t really care. The second way is that he’ll want to know how you managed it, and will wonder if he should try cheating, too. He’ll probably still be a little jealous. The third way is that he will be jealous and pissed because you’re happy and he wants you to be as miserable as he is. This type of”friend”…

Making the Most of Your Affair

Having an affair is usually very tempting for married guys who are unhappy with their current relationship, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to make an affair worth your time. Since affairs can be so risky, especially if you have a lot to lose from getting caught, you want to make the most out of your affair so that you worry less about being discovered and really make it worth your while. Knowing what you want out of an affair before you go about trying to enter into one will help you make sure that you don’t lower your standards out of naivety. Finding a Woman That Wants to Hook Up “Make a profile on some online dating website” Obviously, the most important part of an affair is making sure that you’re satisfied by the affair in a way that you are not currently being satisfied by your marriage. Most men cheat because they’re lacking something in their sex lives, so you want to make sure to find a mistress who will have sex with you – and lots of it. Trying to have an affair with a woman who wants a slow-paced and committed relationship is just not going to cut it. It won’t satisfy you because you…

Getting Her to Look Past Your Marital Status

“Don’t tell her about your marriage at the beginning of your relationship” Choosing to tell a woman that you’re married can be difficult no matter when you decide to do it. If you tell a woman upfront, she may not even agree to go out with you. If you wait longer, you run the risk of making things blow up in your face. It’s uncomfortable and nerve wracking, especially if you really want to have an affair with the woman in question. Once you’ve decided to tell her, you need to know how to explain yourself. Knowing how to spin a good story will help you be able to keep a mistress even after she learns that she’s the other woman. It’s a delicate situation, so it needs to be handled carefully. How and When to Let Her Know Deciding when to let your mistress know that you’re married is a challenging decision, but there are factors that should influence your choice. First of all, if you plan to keep things relatively short-term, you shouldn’t bother making it uncomfortable by letting her know. If you have any plans of making it a longer relationship, then you need to tell her as soon as possible. Make sure to come up with…


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