Why Dating a Married Woman with Children is Perfect

“She wants to get out of her daily schedule” The best thing about dating a married woman with children is that in most cases, she realizes that she has something to lose. Married women who are also mothers do not want to end up ruining the structure of their family, especially if their children are young. This means that you don’t have to worry about her wanting to spend all day long with you or calling you all hours of the day. Chances are, she will have numerous responsibilities at home, which means that when the two of you are able to hook up, it’s almost always enjoyable. She Won’t Try to Ruin Your Marriage Because she is married, she knows exactly how it would feel if someone tried to ruin her marriage, so you wouldn’t have to worry about her trying to ruin yours. She will respect it when you don’t have time to see her, and she will expect you to do the same. In fact, we’ve found people who are both married and dating have either the shortest or the longest running side relationships. It is easy to stay with the other woman when you don’t have to see her every day. You also don’t have to…

Spinning the Facts for a Reluctant Mistress

If you know a woman who’s really into you but is very reluctant to become the “other woman” you have your job cut out for you. There’s so much in society telling a woman not to get mixed up with a married man that it can be hard to get her to even seriously think about it. Once you know that you want her, though, you have to find a way to get through to her. These are some approaches that actually work when it comes to convincing a woman to do what she really wants and have an affair with you. She’s Your Special Secret Women like to feel like they’re the most unique people in the world. If you appeal to that part of her ego you have a much better shot at getting her to accept the fact that she can only be your mistress. Instead of painting the portrait of how it’s going to be, tell her that you’re her truest admirer. You like her so much that you’re willing to risk all sorts of things just to be with her. Whether you’re looking for an emotional connection with this woman or not, you can be assured that feeling like the true center of your universe…

Closet Kink: Live Out Your Fantasies with Other Women

Married sex can get boring over time. It’s a fact. It’s also a fact that when that happens, some guys go looking for what they need elsewhere. If you’re ready to cheat on your wife you’re not alone. You’re one of many. Having an affair isn’t just a way for you to start enjoying sex again. It’s a way for you to explore fantasies that you’ve maybe kept to yourself or stopped asking for. So if you’ve starting banging a hottie that you barely even know, why not go all the way and get exactly what you want? Encourage Fantasy Sharing Maybe your cheating partner is wild in bed. Maybe she’s not. Either way, sharing your fantasies with her and encouraging her to do the same is a good way to get imaginations going. Tell her you’ve always wanted to try anal. She might agree. If she doesn’t, she might bring up a fantasy she’s always wanted. If she tells you she’s always wanted to try bondage, it’s a win-win situation for you. So be up front about what you want. Chances are she’ll be willing to try. Tell Her What You Need Fantasies don’t always include extreme kink. Some are as simple as video-taping sex or getting her to…


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