Sex Toys in Your Affair Kit

There are a lot of sex toys that should always come along with you when you’re going to meet your mistress. These are the kinds of thing that are really going to wow her, and are really going to make her realize that you’ve got it all together. A well-stocked kit is going to really prove to her that you’re serious about this, and that you’re serious about making sure that she has a good time. Remember, the more fun that she has, the more fun that you’re going to have. That’s a fact, and that’s something that we swear by in our own affairs. Bullet Vibrators Bullet vibrators are the best friend of both you and your lady. You’re really going to be able to see a serious difference in her reactions when you whip one of these out, because trust us–they’re worth the investment. We actually think that they make great gifts, too, because even good ones are inexpensive, and they’re the kind of things that will really give her one hell of an orgasm with very little effort from you. You don’t even just have to use them on her clitoris; bullet vibes are great for every erogenous zone, and will really have her squirming. Light Bondage…

Planning Dates While Your Spouse is at Home

It takes a certain kind of skill to date other women while you’re married to another. It takes a lot of skill to do it and not get caught. Obviously it’s easiest to cheat if your spouse is frequently away from home. If she’s not then dating other women on the side gets a lot more difficult. So maybe your wife is perpetually homebound and doesn’t get out much. Does this mean you can’t be hooking up with women you’ve met elsewhere? It just means that you have to get creative when planning cheating dates. Explore the Other Side of Town The most obvious mistake you can make when you’re cheating is to take the other woman out to places where you might be recognized. Avoid at all costs restaurants, bars, movie theatres and any other typical date places that you and your spouse have frequented before. Use your situation to explore places in the city you’ve never been to before. Having an affair (or two, or three) gives you a reason to explore places in the city you’ve never even heard of. Keep it Close to Work Maybe your excuses to your wife have something to do with working late. So why not keep it as close to honest…

Keeping Calm When It’s Your First Date in Years

You’ve made a bold choice by deciding to get back into the dating scene. Having an affair is a great way to get a thrill back in your sex life and just your life in general. You’re breaking the pattern and going after what you want, but it’s normal to still have a few jitters before your first date in awhile. However, you need to keep them under control if you want to score and get away with it. Nerves Could Blow Your Cover Nerves are a double threat to a man who’s going on a casual side date with a potential mistress. On the one hand, a bad batch of nerves will make you a bad date. She’s not impressed and that means that you won’t be getting laid tonight. If things go really badly, she won’t even want to see you again. That’s the standard risk. However, when you’re dating as a married man you’ve got another woman you have to keep happy. Your wife is going to wonder what’s going on with you if you break out into flop sweat when it’s time for you to go out and have a “night with the guys.” The importance of being confident to maintaining your cover could not be…

Four Tips to Improve Your Game in Minutes a Day

Adding an affair to your busy life might sound like a time management nightmare, but you’ve got to have fun sometime. If you want to get the ladies then you have to improve your game. Every weekend that you’ve spent in your current relationship is a weekend you haven’t been honing your pick up technique. If you want to get a woman this week, you have to start putting your effort into your game. Easy Work-out Regimen There are plenty of simple body weight exercise programs that you can do in minutes a day. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be one of them. Even if you’re not looking to lose weight or gain tons of muscle, being a little tighter will help your game. Not to mention that regular exercise makes people happier and more confident. Both of these are great qualities to have when you’re going to go looking for an affair. Set aside Time to Send out Messages If you really want to up your game, you have to make the time. Join an online dating site and just set aside twenty minutes a day, max, to find new women online. Then just start sending messages. The responses you get will net you some dates, but…


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