Using the Ring to Your Advantage When Hooking Up

“No need to take that ring off before meeting women”

If you’re used to taking your wedding band off when you go to hook up with women, you may want to reconsider. Married dating can actually be simpler than you think. Some women will want to hook up with a guy who’s married, so your ring can actually work to your advantage in certain cases. Knowing why women want to hook up with married guys and how you can use that to your advantage will help you find many more women to have affairs with. Know that this won’t work on a lot of women since they are likely uncomfortable with dating a married guy, but this will work when it counts.

Women with a Cheating Kink

Some women really want to be a mistress, for whatever reason. Maybe they want to show you a better time than your wife does or maybe the taboo of it just gives them a thrill. No matter what her reason is, if you find a woman who seems to think it’s hot that you’re married, you should do your best to jump in and take advantage of that kink. She may even want to try something kinky like role-playing in bed to emphasize the fact that she’s the woman on the side. Women who have a kink like this usually won’t be up front about it, but it can be pretty easy to tell based on how they react when they find out that you are married.

Making up a Sob Story

“Make a fake sad story to appeal to her emotional side”

If you don’t have the guts to flaunt your marriage and try to hook up with women because of it, you may want to try a more melodramatic route. You can always pretend that your wife is actually deceased and come up with some sad and touching story about why you still wear the wedding band. This is a risky game to play unless you only want to have a one night stand. The longer the affair runs, the more chances she has of calling you out on your story. Remember to try and keep your story somewhat believable so that she doesn’t start to question it too much. This method is usually best saved for guys who are comfortable with their acting skills, so consider it carefully before you try it.

Other Ways to Be Suave

Unless you want to straight up tell a woman that you’re trying to cheat on your wife, you have to come up with some explanation for your ring. You might want to spin some other kind of story about it, though she may not believe it unless you’re a particularly skilled actor. You might be able to convince her that you’re recently divorced and just haven’t gotten around to taking the ring off yet, and this might score you some pity points at the very least. If you plan on advertising your marital status when you go to hook up, you need to have some kind of explanation for it in order to make a woman want to hook up with you.


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