Three Suspicious Mistakes Your Wife Will Definitely Notice

"You changed your password again!"

“You changed your password again!”

When you’re trying to cheat on your wife you want to look like you have nothing to hide even when you’re hiding everything. This means that you have to be sure that you’re above reproach in every aspect of your life. If you keep making these mistakes even for reasons unrelated to your cheater dating experiences you’re going to find yourself caught faster than you can prepare for it.

Logging All the Way out of Your Email

Obviously, you don’t want your wife to find the emails you send your mistress. A lot of guys avoid this by just logging out of their email every single time. If you do that, she’s going to wonder what you’re hiding. This is especially true if you even log out of your email on your smart phone. That’s just not a thing that normal people do. If you never used to log out of your email and you pick up the habit now your wife is going to know that something’s up.

You have to get an entirely separate email address for your affair. You should never sign up for a cheater dating site with your usual email address either. You’ll have to completely log out of your email, log into your secondary email, and then log out of that and into your regular account every time you want to check your messages. This is a pain, but it also reduces the risk that you’ll be caught sneaking a peek at your email to see if your mistress has gotten back to you.

Keep Canceling Events

"You cancelled that important official meeting?"

“You cancelled that important official meeting?”

Keep your plans straight. If you ever find that you’ve doubled booked your girlfriend and your wife, cancel on your girlfriend. Always cancel on the nonpermanent relationship. Even when you’re cheating your first priority needs to be keeping that relationship as stable as possible given the circumstances. If you’re always making plans and then skipping out to hang out with your girlfriend you’ll run into a severe problem. If you’re getting so attached to your mistress that you can’t stand the thought of missing out on seeing her then you need to end the relationship. You don’t want to get emotionally compromised.

Using Different Excuses Every Time

If you have a series of increasingly unlikely problems getting home on time your wife is going to catch on. What you need to do is establish one basic excuse. It shouldn’t be something that she can easily check on (for example, traffic isn’t going to keep you out of the house for an extra hour three days a week.) It should be something that could conceivably happen again and again. A good excuse would be that a coworker needed your help at work if you’re only going to be an hour or so late. That way you can say that you’re hoping your helpful nature will get you a promotion soon, but who knows how corporate really thinks?


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