The Perks of a Digital Mistress

“Online affairs are easy to manage”

So you’re at the point where you’re bored with your relationship. It happens to the best of us. You’re stuck with this perfectly good woman who you once wanted to bone all over the country but now you’ve had her every which way. Saying you aren’t bored with what you’ve got would be a total lie. That’s why you’ve started thinking about getting yourself a mistress. Having an extra marital affair, whether you’re married or actually just dating can be really exciting. You end up feeling young and lusty again, plus there’s a whole new woman to get at. But having cheating in real life is a lot scarier than they make it in the movies. What you need to do is head to the Internet. That’s right; the perks that come with a digital mistress are awesome.

Smaller Risk, But Still a Great Reward

Alright, so you might be a little hesitant because you can’t actually have sex with someone through a computer (yet, give it time). But you can still cyber sex with her. It’s not as physically rewarding but you end up using your imagination a lot more and have better images for the spank bank later on. If that’s not enough for you then think about this: you aren’t getting your dick wet, but you are keeping your current relationship more secure. For some of us, the worst scenario is always on our mind. In the worst case your wife or girlfriend will end up finding out that you’re having what they call an emotional affair. She doesn’t like that you’re cheating on her at all and she’ll get upset. But even if you’re caught, you’re way more likely to keep your relationship that you’re in. Yeah, you’re bored. But you still love this woman or you wouldn’t stay with her. You may need to grovel for a while and then go to couple’s therapy or something, but you probably won’t get entirely cut off.

It’s Easier to Hide

“Your wife will think that you are doing some office work”

In real life having another woman would come with a huge set of new responsibilities. Now you’d have two women to keep happy and possibly hidden from each other. That takes so much work and energy that you would hardly be able to get it on with your mistress when you did get to see her. And that worst case scenario would be a lot uglier if they found out about each other. Here’s a hint: they wouldn’t want a threesome. When you keep your mistress online you have so many more options of hiding it. If you’re really good with computers you can bury sexy picture files under layers upon layers of crap in your computer. Only you would know where to find them when you’re ready to cyber sex. Even if you’re not a giant nerd, you can delete your browser history and evidence of her from your computer with a click of a button. Plus your mistress wouldn’t be able to find out about your other woman by running into her at the grocery store.


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