The Art of the Red Herring: How to Distract Her When You Think She Suspects

If your woman seems like she knows about your affair you need to act fast. Straight denial isn’t going to cut it. What you need is a strategy to get you out of that situation or spin it to your advantage. The red herring is the argument that will always get you out of trouble when you think that your lady is closing in for the kill. Distract, distract, distract and you can shore up your alibis and get your ducks in a row to throw her suspicions off of you again.

Bring up a Pressing Trouble

"Bring up your household financial problems"

“Bring up your household financial problems”

One of the best red herrings out there is something else that she’s already mad about. No matter what it is, bring it up and remind her that she should be angry about that instead. If she hates your ex-wife, mention that she called you again. If your current lady wants you to be a handyman around the house on your day off when you want to actually relax for once, point out something that’s broken. Having your woman find out about your cheating and accuse you is literally the worst fight that you can have. Anything less than that is preferable. If you really have to start a different fight right then and there, tell her that you’ve never heard her sound so much like her mother before. That should set her off. It’s not a pretty thing to do, but covering your cheating tracks is priority one.

Spin It so She Seems Guilty

Misdirection is a great way to tackle a red herring. If you can’t get her to fight with you about something else, try to put her on the defense instead of the offense. Say that you think this sudden obsession with cheating is just the product of a guilty conscious. She’ll say that it’s crazy (and it sort of is) but it’s something that you can go off of. Demand that she shows you everything that she asks of you. Take forever going through her email. Accuse her of posting Facebook pictures that were definitely a flirtation. Keep going until she gets fed up or you have a reasonable excuse to exit the conversation. Whatever you do, don’t admit to anything. Then apologize for being so crazy about it when you do speak to her again. She’s just so amazing that sometimes you feel like there’s no way she could just be with you. This flattery should smooth things over for the future.

Pick up Another Bad Habit

"Another bad habit will distract her suspicion"

“Another bad habit will distract her suspicion”

If you think that your woman is getting close to finding proof you need a big problem for you to fight about instead. This can’t be something that will be fixed soon, or that you can distract her temporarily. Pick up another regular bad habit that she doesn’t like. If you used to smoke and currently sneak the occasional cigarette, stop hiding it. That will give her enough to obsess about. While she’s mad about that, you’re enjoying some well earned time with your mistress.


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