Taking On a New Persona When You Cheat

Taking on a New Persona when you cheat can be both fun and cool. You can be the person you’ve always wanted to be, or someone completely different. If you’ve ever wanted to be the leather coat wearing bad boy, or the studios and sophisticated glasses wearing type of guy, taking on a persona may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Be Someone Else

“Do not tell her your real name”

One big mistake that many men make when they decide that they want to cheat on their wives is that they change absolutely nothing about themselves. These men sign up to married dating websites with hopes of hooking up with women, but they make it extremely easy for people that they may know to discover what they’re up to. If you want to start cheating on your wife without getting caught, one thing that can definitely help you out is becoming someone else. Presenting yourself as someone else on a dating website as well as in person makes it harder for people to find your true identity. It can also be pretty damn exciting.

The first steps of taking on a new persona are simple. All you have to do is come up with a character. Give him a full name and a background. Figure out your character’s personality. You should really take some time with this as it will payoff for you in the end. Do not just make things up as you go. You will need to know your character just as well as you know yourself. Once you’ve figured out your character, give him a look. Think about the clothes he would wear and do a bit of shopping. We suggest that your character not be someone who wears expensive designer suits and shoes unless you can afford to spring for those things. Once you’ve gotten everything you need, you can start creating your persona’s dating profile. When you start meeting women, remember to always stay in character. Never slip out and let her see the real you.

Don’t Slip Up

“Make sure you don’t give her any signs to suspect you”

While taking on a new persona can be fun, there are also times when you get too comfortable and start messing up. Never give a woman you’re trying to hook up with anything she can use to contact you when you are in your normal mode. This means that you should have a prepaid cell phone as well as a different email and/or instant message profile for her to access. You should never tell the other woman your real identity, even if you start to fall for her. In most cases, it will not work out well.

Be mindful of what sites you use and what photos you post. You may also want to set your profile to state that you live in a different city to decrease your chances of being found on the off chance that your wife becomes suspicious.

While taking on a new persona isn’t too difficult, you will definitely have to put time and effort into creating your character. If you’re lazy with it, women will be able to see right through you.


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