Sex Habits You Need to Break When You Cheat

“It looks like she is bored. Try something new tonight”

You may not realize it, but being married can lead to all sorts of habits. Domestic habits don’t just affect your daily life, but they can also affect your sex life. You may have changed how you have sex due to years of married life, but when you decide to have an affair and hook up with other women, it’s time to kick these habits to the curve. Knowing how to recognize what kind of bad sex habits you’ve picked up during married life will allow you to have more fulfilling affairs and it might even make your married sex life more fulfilling as well.

Not Focusing on Her Pleasure

Some men are guilty of this if they’ve been married for years or even if they’ve been single the entire time. However, not focusing on your mistress’s pleasure will not lead to a fulfilling affair for either parties. It’s not necessarily a rule to make her orgasm first, but it should definitely be on your to-do list. Learn what she likes and focus on that when you have sex with her so that she can get the most pleasure possible. Try to focus on foreplay more than you ever have with your wife, because it can go a long way towards making sex incredible for you and for your mistress. If she can’t get off from penetration, pay attention to the rest of her body while you have sex so that she can still enjoy things as much as possible. Slacking in bed will not take your far in an affair.

Using the Same Old Positions

Maybe your wife doesn’t like to try new things or maybe the two of you are just bored with each other. Whatever the case is, if you find yourself assuming the same few positions during sex every time, it’s time to switch it up. Get a book of sex positions if you have to. Trying new positions with your mistress can lead to mind blowing sex or at least a memorable experience for both of you. Part of the reason why your sex life may have stagnated is because you’ve been doing the same thing over and over. Plus, you may be able to take some of that newfound knowledge back home to your wife if you like the new position enough.

Trying to Rush Things

“Do not rush things. Go slow.”

You never want to rush sex with your mistress, because then what would be the point? You may be used to rushing sex with your wife because you just want to get off, but take your time when you have an affair. You want to have enjoyable sex, not a series of quickies that leave you barely satisfied. A boring sex life can be caused by not spending enough time in bed together, and you want to try and make the most of your affair. Set aside enough time to really explore each other’s bodies and maybe even go more than once, if you’re lucky and have a quick recovery time.


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