Planning Dates While Your Spouse is Away From Home

Cheating on your spouse is easy. So is getting caught. If you’re unwilling to stop cheating but don’t want your spouse to find out it can be tricky to juggle multiple women. It’s one thing to just keep hooking up with babes you meet online or at bars. It’s another thing entirely if you start forming a relationship with one of them. When it comes to dating women when you’re still married it can be tricky. Obviously the best opportunities are when your spouse is away from home. There’s still a risk you’ll get caught so use our helpful tips to avoid getting in trouble.

Take a Trip

"Take your girlfriend on a road trip"

“Take your girlfriend on a road trip”

One of the best ways to plan dates with other women while your spouse is away is to take a trip somewhere. Anytime you go on dates in the vicinity of where you live you run the risk of being seen by someone who knows you. So take your cheating someplace out of town. Anonymity serves you well when you’re being unfaithful. This really only works if your wife is going to be away over a weekend or a span of a few days. She’ll get suspicious if you wind up leaving town every time she does, though. To prevent suspicion, keep the out of town trips with other women to a bare minimum.

Frequent Her Favorite Places

So you’ve been hooking up with this smoking hot chick you met at the bar and you want to keep doing it. Your wife is out of town but taking a trip isn’t an option. How can you make it happen? If the woman you’re nailing on the side is a relative stranger to you, it means you don’t travel in the same social circles. This means that she frequents bars and restaurants that you and your spouse have probably never been to. So when your wife’s away, meet up with your babe on the side at one of her favourite spots. You can both have a good time and not have to worry about being spotted by someone who knows you and your spouse.

Take it to Her Place

"She will be more comfortable in her own bed"

“She will be more comfortable in her own bed”

This is obviously one of the safest dates to plan when your significant other is out of town. Going over to her place keeps you out of public. It also means you get more alone time with each other.

… Or Your Place

Inviting her over to your home is risky for a number of reasons. That’s also what makes it so hot. The risk of friends or family coming over and catching you in the act is high. So is the risk of your wife coming home early. We don’t recommend this kind of date unless you’re really into risky sex. Pros: you can have sex with the other woman all over the house you share with your spouse. Cons: chances are better than good that you’ll get caught eventually. If you’re serious about keeping your marriage, you probably won’t opt to cheat in your own home. If you’re not so serious about it, why not go for it?


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