Planning Dates While Your Spouse is at Home

It takes a certain kind of skill to date other women while you’re married to another. It takes a lot of skill to do it and not get caught. Obviously it’s easiest to cheat if your spouse is frequently away from home. If she’s not then dating other women on the side gets a lot more difficult. So maybe your wife is perpetually homebound and doesn’t get out much. Does this mean you can’t be hooking up with women you’ve met elsewhere? It just means that you have to get creative when planning cheating dates.

Explore the Other Side of Town

"Do not stay nearby your home?"

“Do not stay nearby your home?”

The most obvious mistake you can make when you’re cheating is to take the other woman out to places where you might be recognized. Avoid at all costs restaurants, bars, movie theatres and any other typical date places that you and your spouse have frequented before. Use your situation to explore places in the city you’ve never been to before. Having an affair (or two, or three) gives you a reason to explore places in the city you’ve never even heard of.

Keep it Close to Work

Maybe your excuses to your wife have something to do with working late. So why not keep it as close to honest as possible? Plan dates with other women at locations near your work. This makes your excuses more believable. If your wife calls and asks you to come home right away, for example, you won’t be driving from the other side of the city. You’ll make it home in around the same amount of time that it takes usually, which won’t seem suspicious. Fooling around close to work is also beneficial if you’re cheating with one of your coworkers. It’ll work to her advantage as well.

Go Somewhere Popular

"Movie theatres can be a good option"

“Movie theatres can be a good option”

When you’re having an affair, you want to do your cheating in places that are full of people. It’ll be harder for you to be identified in the middle of a large crowd. Romantic, secluded restaurants might seem like a good idea. However, the chance is greater that someone who knows you or your spouse will see you. So when you’re arranging a date with the other woman, try to pick locations that have a lot of people. Circuses, concerts, and movies are some examples. Anything with a darkened atmosphere like a movie theatre is a good idea because it keeps you in anonymity like everyone else.

Book a Room

We’re not talking about a room in seedy, stained roadside motels, either. If you’re going to have an affair, do it with some class. Arrange a rendezvous with your cheating partner well in advance. Book a room at a nice hotel for one evening in the middle of the week. This gives you time to warn your wife of a business meeting well in advance. It also gives you and your cheating partner ample time to anticipate the evening. If you really want to sweep her off her feet, arrange to have champagne or wine and flowers waiting for when she arrives.


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