Planning Ahead to Make Your Cheating Successful

Cheating doesn’t have to be as difficult as some people like to make it seem. All you really need to do is focus on a bit of careful planning to decrease your chances of getting caught. Women may know some of our tricks, but luckily, they don’t know all of them. When you’re married and want to cheat on your wife, remember to plan ahead.

Don’t Make Her Suspicious

“Don’t text her in front of your wife”

Many men will tell you that wives are always suspicious, and this very well may be true. However, when you don’t give your wife a reason to be suspicious, then you decrease your chances of her thinking that you’re running around being unfaithful. The way to make sure that you aren’t sounding any alarms or waving any red flags in your wife’s mind is simple. All you have to do is cheat when things are going okay with the two of you. Do not wait until the two of you are having communication problems to start seeing other women. If you want to see other women, do it while things are great with your wife. This will make it so that you are careful when you cheat because you don’t want to risk hurting or upsetting her if she finds out.

One great way to make sure your wife doesn’t get suspicious and start thinking that you’re cheating on her is by planning your married hookup when she is preoccupied with something else that she enjoys. You can do this easily if you have someplace that you go to on occasion like a bar, or someplace that you visit frequently like the gym. If your wife has a favorite TV show or two, try to schedule your bar or gym visits when she is enthralled with her show. She won’t care where you’re going as long as you aren’t interrupting her. Find out what times work best for you and the other woman that you’re seeing and do some careful planning.

Tell Her You’re Staying Late Work in Advance

“He is doing some extra work in office”

One problem that many men typically have when it comes to cheating is that they make stuff up as they go. This is a terrible thing to do with women as most of them are always thinking that we’re up to something. Instead of calling your wife and telling her that you’re being forced tonight, tell her the week before that you’ll be working overtime next week.

Remember to cover your tracks. Tell her that you’re doing something that involves you and the rest of your employees to be away from your desk, so that she won’t be tempted to call you. If she calls your cell phone, ignore the call, but text her to let her know that you’re doing something and will call her as soon as you can.

Don’t let cheating seem impossible because you’re worried about getting caught. Simply plan ahead and make things easier on yourself as well as everyone else.


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