Married Habits That Won’t Get You Laid

“Approach women even if you are married”

When you were a single guy living on your own, you had bachelor habits. When you get married, you slowly start to develop domestic married habits. While domestic habits are less likely to be as gross as bachelor habits, they can still be troublesome. Some habits you’ve developed during your marriage can actively harm your chances at picking up women if you want to have an affair. Most of these habits are things you don’t even realize you’re doing. Knowing ahead of time what habits you need to break will allow you to have better chances at hooking up with women on the side.

Not Listening and Drifting Off

If your wife is talkative, chances are you’ve started to tune her out. When you allow yourself to start drifting off and you stop paying attention to your wife, you may begin doing it to other people without realizing it. Let it go too long and you can develop a habit of tuning out when someone isn’t engaging your attention completely. While this isn’t always a bad thing, it can really harm your chances at hooking up. If a woman notices you’ve stopped paying attention to her, it’s like a slap in the face – and you might wind up getting a slap of your own. Most people, and especially most women, want someone to listen to them and pay attention to what they’re saying. Even if you’re desperately bored by what she’s saying, do your best to focus and respond attentively.

Being Too Agreeable

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“Arguments with your wife will make you more agreeable to women”

If you argued with your wife a lot in the past, or if you still argue with her a lot, you may have slowly started to give up. You may no longer want to argue when you know you’ll just lose anyway. This can translate into being far too agreeable and passive, which can be a danger sign to most women. If you try to go out with your new mistress only to bow to her every wish, she may think you’re spineless. Your instinct might be to let her choose the location, but sometimes you need to assert yourself. Show her that you’re interested in your relationship by taking an active part in it and making decisions with her.

A General Lack of Effort

Sadly, we all start to let ourselves go after being married for a while. This can be the biggest factor that can harm your chances at getting into the married dating scene. If you no longer put the same effort into your appearance that you used to, now is the time to start changing that. Take the time to groom yourself and find sharp new clothes to make you look good. Your wife might be used to seeing you in band shirts all the time, but it’s time to liven your appearance up and start putting some effort in again. This applies to more aspects than just general appearance, so make sure to try and energize yourself when you hit the married dating scene to maximize your chances at success.


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