Look Better for Her with These Tips You Haven’t Heard Of

Pick up just about any magazine for men and there will be some sort of article about looking better to women. When you’re perusing the aisle in hopes for some guidance you’ll be bombarded with generic ideas. Bathe more often, wear clean clothes, and brush your teeth are all fairly obvious things. If you’re looking to cheat on your lady and need to up your ante you’re going to have to go way above that. Luckily for you there are some hidden pointers for how to look more attractive.

Workout Before You See Her

“Do a basic workout before going for a date”

When you’re getting ready to go out on a date or just in general, do a quick workout. This isn’t to get you toned and fit in the long run but it is to get you looking buff now. Exercising makes the blood in your body pump faster. That fills up your muscles and you end up looking bigger than normal but not so much that you look different. She would look at you and think, “He looks really fit” but if she also happened to see you an hour or so later she wouldn’t notice that now you’re less manly looking. It’s basically a good way to get her attention right away. It’s up to you on what you do to keep it.

Actually Have a Hairstyle

“Go for a new hairstyle”

Yes, you have to wash your hair; preferably more than once a week. While that’s going to keep you clean, it’s not going to be a lady killer. Go to your local barber and ask him for an actual haircut. A lot of guys kind of just get their hair shorter than it was before. That’s fine for a put together look, but talk to your barber about an actual style. He’ll probably have some pictures posted on a wall or ask who you’d like to resemble. Hairstyles require a little more effort than whatever you normally get, but they immediately make you look more attractive and fashionable. Unless you’re rocking long locks, your style won’t take more than a few minutes. What type you get depends on your face, so make sure to get a real professional to do this for you.

Also, facial hair totally falls into this category. Bro straps (also known as chin straps), goatees, moustaches, and the like makes it look more like you put effort into how you come off to others. They are more meticulous than the hair on your head.

Stand Up Straight

Having good posture isn’t something people care about nowadays. It’s old-fashioned to ever think that you need to stand up straight with your shoulders back. Our chiropractors and spine will hate us later, but on a whole, no one else cares. But if you go out into the world with your posture on point ladies will notice. You will seem taller and broader overall. Plus it makes you look thinner, if you’re a guy that struggles with that sort of thing. This is a simple trick that only takes a moment to put into use. Plus maybe you won’t have an achy back when you’re old.


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