Lies to Tell the Other Woman that Help You from Getting Caught

“Make sure that your wife doesn’t suspect you”

When you’re eager to start cheating on your wife, you may already be trying to come up with great lies you can tell her to cover your tracks. However, while it is indeed important to have good lies to tell your wife, you will also want to have a few lies to tell your other woman as well.

You’re a Bad Boy Running from the Law

“Tell her that you are a bad boy”

Granted, this typically only works for women who want a bad boy, but if these are the type of women that you want to cheat with, then it works to your advantage. When you’re a married man and you don’t ever want you wife finding out that you’ve been cheating on her, you need to make sure that you’re doing things to keep the attention off of you. When you tell the women that you’re fooling around with that you’re running from the law, you have to make your crime sound sincere. Do not tell her that you’re wanted for unpaid parking tickets or failure to pay child support. Instead, make up something and make sure it’s admirable. Tell her you beat up a man because he assaulted his girlfriend at a bar. Tell her that you stole food from a store when you were a teenager to help feed a homeless woman and her children. Give her a reason to respect the crime, rather than to frown upon it.

After you’ve told her about your fake crime, explain to her that you can’t let too much of your identity get out or you risk going to jail, or at least getting some type of a record. Tell her that the record will affect you at your current job and if they find you, you risk losing it all. Tell her that you like her a lot, but that you’re not sure if you can trust her just yet, so you want to keep a few things hidden just in case. Do not make this sound insulting. You should say it in a way that makes her want to prove to you that she is trustworthy.

You Have Extremely Sensitive Skin

If you’re worried about coming home to your wife smelling like perfume or covered in makeup, an easy way to fix this is to tell your other woman that you have sensitive skin or suffer from skin allergies. Make sure to do your research so that you can give your fake disorder a legit name. Tell her that you’re allergic to all makeup and perfume. Tell her that the only soap you can use is unscented or else it breaks you out. You are telling her this because she will be conscious of what she wears around you, and that means when you go home, you will smell like you and not another woman.

Regardless of what type of lies you tell, make sure they sound believable. Take some time out to really put some thought into them, which will make things easier for you down the line.


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