Keeping Calm When It’s Your First Date in Years

"Don't stress out before a first date"

“Don’t stress out before a first date”

You’ve made a bold choice by deciding to get back into the dating scene. Having an affair is a great way to get a thrill back in your sex life and just your life in general. You’re breaking the pattern and going after what you want, but it’s normal to still have a few jitters before your first date in awhile. However, you need to keep them under control if you want to score and get away with it.

Nerves Could Blow Your Cover

Nerves are a double threat to a man who’s going on a casual side date with a potential mistress. On the one hand, a bad batch of nerves will make you a bad date. She’s not impressed and that means that you won’t be getting laid tonight. If things go really badly, she won’t even want to see you again. That’s the standard risk.

However, when you’re dating as a married man you’ve got another woman you have to keep happy. Your wife is going to wonder what’s going on with you if you break out into flop sweat when it’s time for you to go out and have a “night with the guys.” The importance of being confident to maintaining your cover could not be overstated.

Use Logic to Fight Nerves

"Practice deep breathing to calm your nerves"

“Practice deep breathing to calm your nerves”

One of the best ways to combat nerves is to think about things logically. The act of following thoughtful conclusions helps steady the nerves and calm the mind. If you can identify exactly what you’re nervous about you can take steps to avoid that and then remember that you did. If you’re worried that you’re going to sweat through your shirt, think about that as you get ready for your date and apply an extra layer of deodorant. Then when that worry surfaces in your mind you can remind yourself that you already took care of that problem. You can do this for every step of the date if you need to. You can essentially plan a whole second date with a different event, a different restaurant to go to, etc. That way if you start to worry about something specific going wrong you can remind yourself that if it does, you have a plan. Taking care of these issues before they become an issue is a powerful tool against being nervous.

Biofeedback Takes Control

If you ever find yourself having an extreme reaction all it takes is a few minutes concentration to bring things back under control. Do some deep breathing. It’s a ridiculously easy technique, but it does work. Try to hold each breath for eight seconds for about a minute. That should calm you down. Then think of doing some simple exercises; tense your muscles for ten seconds and then relax. This relaxes your body and will in turn relax your mind.

Just always know that you’re going to get control of your own body and you’ll be able to send nerves packing. Confidence is the key and you can fake it until you make it.


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