Hooking up with Your Friend’s Wife: a How To

All’s fair in love and war. When you’re set on cheating there’s nothing better than cheating with someone who’s also cheating. If there’s always been a lingering tension between yourself and the wife of a friend, now’s the time to go for it. Why to have an affair if you’re not going to get who you really want? Here are the steps to bagging the hot wife you’ve been eyeing at dinner parties and board game nights for years.

Establish Attraction

The first step to hooking up with your friend’s wife is to establish that she’s actually attracted to you. There’s a difference between a polite laugh and a flirty laugh, and when you really want it to be the latter it’s easy to mistake the former. So you need to actually take the first step and start laying out the compliments. Keep them tame around other people, but spice things up whenever you’re alone together. Maybe you could mention her sexy laugh while you’re tucked away in a corner at a party, and make sure to pay close attention to her hair and make up. If you notice a change before her husband does, you’ll get tons of points with her. If she starts sending the signals back to you, you’ve accomplished stage one. You have her attention and she likes what she sees.

Establish Intent

"Approach her to create an interest"

“Approach her to create an interest”

Step two in the seduction plan is to make it clear that you want to act on these feelings and making sure that she wants to as well. She might be into you, but she could just be window shopping. You want to go from her naughty fantasy to her real life thrill. This might involve a lot of planning, but the chase makes everything worthwhile. Once there’s plenty of steamy tension between the two of you, you need to talk privately. Make it clear that you’re ready to take this all the way and that denying yourselves this chance is just prolonging an agony. The only way to rid of yourself of temptation is to give in to it. Once it’s done, the two of you can go back to your normal lives and relationships.

Create Opportunity

"Meet her at a party and befriend her"

“Meet her at a party and befriend her”

The third step is the easiest out of all of them. Give her the chance to give in. For best results you should plan steps two and three together. Think of an excuse that your wife and her husband will believe and go somewhere together. Once you have desire and opportunity you’ll also have the best night of your life. Some great places and times include group vacations, planning a party for your spouse and maybe a business lunch if you work in similar fields or close together.

Cheating with your friend’s wife is easier in a lot of ways than cheating with a stranger. You already know her, it’s easy to gage her interest, and you know that she’s not going to tell anyone. It would be her reputation on the line as well. So set your sights on the hottest lady in the neighborhood and let the chase begin.


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