Hiring an Escort Properly

“Thinking of hiring an escort?”

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city where escorts are available then you should drop to your knees and kiss the ground. Escorts are beautiful women that can legally give you sex in exchange for money. But they’re more than just fancy hookers. They also provide services like the girlfriend experience and playing your date. Pretty much they’ll do anything you need, in the bedroom or in real life. You can come up with a whole identity for them so that you can pretend you’ve got a hot wife at your next work gathering. Or make yourself look suave as hell by having an attractive mistress. But all of those perks do come with a hefty price tag and guidelines for the transaction. If it’s your first time hiring an escort, you want to make sure to do it properly.

Check the Prices

Of course you’re going to want to go with a woman that you can afford. After finding a reputable escort service you should call them. When they answer greet them and follow the normal courtesies that you would on the phone. Just because you’re calling someone about sex doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be polite. They provide a service, just like a restaurant or a plumber. That means that you need to respect them as a business. If you act like a complete asshole the chances are they won’t want to do business with you or you won’t be a wanted repeat customer.

Do Your Research

When you do check in with the rates and services, you’re going to look so well informed when you reference the website that they are almost guaranteed to have. The woman answering the phone will not only be slightly impressed, she’ll probably like you more for it. Preferably you want to pick your escort before you call. The sites will have profiles and pictures of each woman, along with what she will and will not do. Follow-up and verify what you’re looking for and go from there.

Trust Her

First meeting your lady will be nerve racking, it’s true. But the best thing you can do is to trust her. She’s not just a piece of meat that talks too. This woman is a professional at what she does. All day long she handles different men who have different needs. If you make yours apparent to her she’s going to know exactly what to do. There’s no need to be scared or ashamed of what you have to tell her. Most houses (the term for the business place) have a very discreet agreement with their guests so your weird fetishes or inability to get it up is safe in her hands.

Tip Her

“Tip her, but not this much”

Just like the barber, she is renting space. The women who work for the house always have to pay a percentage to the owner. The amount ranges, but she doesn’t get the full amount that you pay her. That’s why it’s best to tip. She’ll be expecting something (just like waitresses) and you’ll be more likely to be treated well the next time too.


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