Getting Her to Look Past Your Marital Status

“Don’t tell her about your marriage at the beginning of your relationship”

Choosing to tell a woman that you’re married can be difficult no matter when you decide to do it. If you tell a woman upfront, she may not even agree to go out with you. If you wait longer, you run the risk of making things blow up in your face. It’s uncomfortable and nerve wracking, especially if you really want to have an affair with the woman in question. Once you’ve decided to tell her, you need to know how to explain yourself. Knowing how to spin a good story will help you be able to keep a mistress even after she learns that she’s the other woman. It’s a delicate situation, so it needs to be handled carefully.

How and When to Let Her Know

Deciding when to let your mistress know that you’re married is a challenging decision, but there are factors that should influence your choice. First of all, if you plan to keep things relatively short-term, you shouldn’t bother making it uncomfortable by letting her know. If you have any plans of making it a longer relationship, then you need to tell her as soon as possible. Make sure to come up with a good reason for cheating and tell her in the gentlest way possible. Make sure to make it about her so that she doesn’t feel used. Tell her how special she is to you and how you want to make it work, even if you’re not being sincere.

Explain Your Reasons for Cheating

Having a good reason for the affair can be what makes or breaks the relationship?. Come up with a good story about why you want to cheat so that she feels some kind of empathy and hopefully sympathy for you. Consider spinning a story about how you’ve been drifting apart from your wife for a while and you just haven’t finalized the split. You may want to tell her that you’re already planning on getting a divorce, or in the middle of getting a divorce – this will make her feel less guilty. If you have no real good reason beyond wanting something more from your marriage, you should still try to come up with some kind of convincing reason that will persuade her into sticking around and staying with you.

Try to Convince Her She’s the One

“Convince her that you really love her”

If all else fails and your mistress is unhappy with you, make the entire thing about her. Tell her that she’s the one for you and that you don’t want her to be the other woman – you want her to be the only woman for you. Even if this isn’t true, it may sometimes be necessary in order to keep the affair going strong. Make her feel special and dote on her as much as possible so she feels you really love her. Just try not to compare your mistress to your wife too often because this can sour things quickly and make her resent you and your wife at the same time.


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