Dates You Can Explain the Charges For

One of the biggest problems with having an affair is explaining the expense to your wife or girlfriend. She’s going to want to know where all that money’s going. If you’re looking for easy date ideas that won’t raise your wife’s brow if you ever have to explain them, look no further than this list.

Working Lunches

Whether you have a job that demands schmoozing over lunch in a good restaurant or you have to pass it off as “networking”, working lunches are a great way to justify expenses to your wife. After all, it makes you look like you’re an excited go getter who’s working hard to build the kind of community connections that make people rich. You’re just trying to help yourself out. If your girlfriend objects to that then she’s the one who has a problem.

Beer Tab with the Guys

"Tell her that you went to drink beer with friends"

“Tell her that you went to drink beer with friends”

If you’re going to the bar with a lady, then tell your girlfriend about it. Just change the lady’s name to “Randy”. If there’s one sacred right that all men have, it’s to hit the bar with their buddies every now and then no questions asked. If you have a friend who’s going through a hard time right now you have the perfect excuse to buy him a few rounds. After that, you can buy a couple rounds for some gorgeous woman at the bar and claim that it was still all for your friend. A date in the bar is a fun date anyway, so you’re not losing out on anything by saying that you’re going out to drink a couple of beer with the boys.

Gift Tickets

If your credit card is going to show that you bought two tickets to a show that you can’t explain to your wife or girlfriend then you can just say that you bought the tickets for someone else. Whether it’s one of your friends again or, more likely, a woman at your job who was having a birthday bash just say that you bought two tickets so she could bring a date. Next time there’s an office birthday, you’ll try to think of a cheaper gift than a pair of tickets. You just didn’t remember until you were already at work, and it was easy to pop online and buy them while she was unwrapping yet another cheap coffee mug. The key to selling this idea is confidence mixed with irritation. This whole event was a hassle that you’d rather put behind you.

A Bakery Snack

"Justify your affair expenses by telling lies"

“Justify your affair expenses by telling lies”

This time you have to bite the bullet and just say that it was all for you. Yes, two slices of pound cake and two coffees. You really wanted something sweet, and you don’t have to justify yourself to her. She gets a whole week a month to indulge her sweet tooth, and you can’t have one bad day? The best part about this excuse is that you can then say that you’d better head out that evening to work off the indulgence “at the gym.”


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