Could an Online Affair Be Enough for You?

Having an affair can be a really exciting thing for most guys. In the movies they make it look so daring and exciting that cheating almost seems fun. But the movies don’t always show the after math of cheating gone wrong. Yeah, the ex-mistress might turn into a crazed killing machine in the movies, but in real life it’s much different. When you get caught one or both of the women will absolutely leave you. Even if you get to stay with one she will have such a hard time trusting you that it’s more work than pleasure in your relationship anymore. Further down the road you’re going to be just as bored with your used-to-be mistress that you’ll want to go out and cheat again. With all of those terrors why bother? But you can still have some sort of affair, just do it online.

It’s Easier to Hide

“Online affairs are easy to manage”

When you have an affair online it’s not quite the same as putting your man parts into a lady for pleasure, but the cyber sex is still pretty awesome. You get more pictures and videos for the spank bank, you can act out any crazy fantasy that you’ve had, and you can pretend to be an entirely different person. These three things alone are what drive people to have affairs in the first place. Plus when you’re all done, you just delete the history and it’s gone forever. Your wife or girlfriend can still go on blindly believing that you were just playing video games for three hours. If you’re a pro at using computers you can even hide those sexy pictures and videos that Kittygurlxxx gave you in your computer for later.

It’s Easy In General

There are millions of cheater websites out there that operate entirely on the fact that guys want to cheat online. They play into the fantasy of it and set you up with a woman who’s looking to do the exact same thing. Finding someone online also eliminates the foreplay of having to ask if they’re down for secret sex and trying to romance them. You get to skip the frill and cut right to the chase.

It’s Plausible and Practical

“Catch her flying kiss”

If you’re a busy guy or just don’t want to waste energy in real life on finding a woman than using the Internet for an affair might be enough for you. You log on to your computer, open the chat bar, and boom you’re there. It’s a practical way to get involved with a woman.

In modern times everyone is online all the time. They spend hours on YouTube watching cat videos or reading blogs. So it’s very plausible that you were in your room playing games or something like that for hours on end.

As you can see it’s definitely easy to cheat with someone online. In real life it might be a little bit overwhelming, yeah, so you have to take your new knowledge and figure out if having an online affair is enough for you.


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