Closet Kink: Live Out Your Fantasies with Other Women

"Tell her your fantasies and she'll fulfill them"

“Tell her your fantasies and she’ll fulfill them”

Married sex can get boring over time. It’s a fact. It’s also a fact that when that happens, some guys go looking for what they need elsewhere. If you’re ready to cheat on your wife you’re not alone. You’re one of many. Having an affair isn’t just a way for you to start enjoying sex again. It’s a way for you to explore fantasies that you’ve maybe kept to yourself or stopped asking for. So if you’ve starting banging a hottie that you barely even know, why not go all the way and get exactly what you want?

Encourage Fantasy Sharing

Maybe your cheating partner is wild in bed. Maybe she’s not. Either way, sharing your fantasies with her and encouraging her to do the same is a good way to get imaginations going. Tell her you’ve always wanted to try anal. She might agree. If she doesn’t, she might bring up a fantasy she’s always wanted. If she tells you she’s always wanted to try bondage, it’s a win-win situation for you. So be up front about what you want. Chances are she’ll be willing to try.

Tell Her What You Need

Fantasies don’t always include extreme kink. Some are as simple as video-taping sex or getting her to talk dirty to you. In the same vein of sharing kinky fantasies, it’s important to tell your cheating partner what you need out of the affair. Obviously you’re unhappy in your marriage or relationship. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be doing this. She might ask you what you want. Even if she doesn’t, it’s a good idea to share. This will give her a better idea of what she can do for you.

Be Open

"Talk dirty in bed and experiment new things"

“Talk dirty in bed and experiment new things”

Which is to say, be willing to experiment. If your spouse drew firm lines about what was okay and what wasn’t okay in bed, here’s your chance to go outside them. Talk dirty to her. Slap her ass while you’re going at it. Tell her you want her to tie you up and flog you. If you’re having an affair because you were in a sexual rut, here’s your chance to go crazy. Try things you’ve always wanted to try, if your partner is willing. You might not like all of them, but at least you’ll know.

Be Adventurous

Maybe the thought of being dominated has always turned you on. You’re already cheating on your wife, so why not go all the way? Pay a visit with your new babe to a fetish club so you can witness the relationship between sub and dom. If it’s something you both find hot, take the next step. Convince her that it’s something you’ll both enjoy. You don’t have to try out bondage with all the necessary tools. A scarf can work as handcuffs and a gag. And if you want the real equipment, just go out and purchase a beginner’s bondage set from an adult toy store. It’s good to be adventurous. As long as you’re both aroused by something there’s fun to be had.


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