Are You Actually Ready to Have an Affair?

The idea of having an affair can be really exciting. There’s the romance, of course, but more than that is the sex and the secrecy. There are entire movies based on this idea alone. But when you get ready to have an affair you’ve got to really think it through. The movies don’t tell you all of the normal person stuff you have to worry about when you’re having sex with another woman. An affair leads to more than just sex, like:

Two Women

“Can you handle 2 women at the same time?”

Alright, this is very obvious. But what’s not always so obvious in our minds is that the woman attached to your exciting new trim is going to be just as much a person as any other woman you’ve encountered. She will definitely be sexy and all that, but the downside is that you’re going to have to keep secrets from her too. She’ll get suspicious, cry, yell, and generally throw just about any emotion you can think of at you. Oh wait, you’ll just tell her and then that problem will be solved. Except when has a woman ever in the history of the world been cool with being the other woman? The answer is absolutely never. She’ll demand that you pick her or your wife or go the complete opposite way. The opposite is even worst, because that’s how you get serial killers. She’ll always insist that she cares about you so much that she doesn’t mind being your extra woman. But truthfully she’s got a shrine to you in her closet and has cut off some of your girlfriend’s hair somehow. Now she’s trying voodoo on her and it’s just not working, so she might have to be more drastic. Of course that’s an exaggeration, but it can still be aligned with the truth. The crazy ones will be so emotional that it throws off their mentality in how much they want to be with you. Watch out for the emotions of women.

You Have Feelings

“At one point, you’ll feel bad for cheating on your woman”

You will quickly find that women’s emotions are not the only thing that you should watch out for. Ask anyone what the outcomes of affairs are and they’ll all sound similar. You realize how much you love your wife or girlfriend and then you’ll feel so guilty that you confess everything. Your girlfriend or wife finds out and you’re in deep shit. You go for a breakup. Your other woman tells your girlfriend/wife what’s really going on and they have a girl power session. Obviously none of these are awesome outcomes. Besides them sucking because you’re getting in trouble, they all end up with you being hurt too. You might find that you really love the woman you’re already with and feel so bad about cheating on her. You might realize that damn, your main squeeze really isn’t meant for you, now you have to breakup with her and it’s going to hurt. Even if you do figure out that it’s not working with her breaking up over another woman is always messy.


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